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  • Chile Skiing – in the Andes Mountains Ski in the Andes

    Chile Skiing – in the Andes Mountains

    In a good snow season, the best skiing in South America is to be found at the Portillo ski resort in Chile.
    Whether you are new to skiing or are an expert skier, we invite you to discover the unique skiing experience at Ski Portillo.

    Legendary Skiing in the Andes Mountains in Chile

    Ski Portillo offers wonderful views of the Chilean Andes mountain range, welcoming guests from around the world for summer skiing. The high elevation and rugged geography of the Chilean Andes provides incredible ski terrain, above treeline with frequent storms that deliver up feet of soft snow. The international scene with guests from around the world only adds to the overall friendly and relaxed environment.

    Skiing in the Chilean Andes Mountains

    The Andes, one of the longest mountain ranges in the world, offers an incredible skiing experience during the winter, with powder skiing between mid-June and September. For many experienced skiers, skiing in the Andes mountains in Chile is an unmissable milestone. Ski Portillo is the oldest and most famous ski center in South America, which welcomes beginner, intermediate and expert skiers of all ages and nationalities.

    Unforgettable ski experience in the Andes mountains of Chile

    Welcome Cocktail

    The best way to start the ski week at Portillo

    Every Sunday night Portillo’s owners, Henry and Miguel Purcell, host a cocktail reception in the hotel living room before dinner. All ski pros are there to answer any questions from guests. Mixing and mingling with other guests, hotel owners and staff this is a wonderful opportunity to meet other like minded skiers and friends for the week.

    Great Chile Skiing for everyone