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  • Day skiing at Portillo

    Portillo for the day - Skiing Santiago Chile

    Visit Portillo for the day and enjoy some of the best skiing in the Andes. Only a short drive away, Portillo can be easily accessed from Santiago or Mendoza in two hours. Skiers who visit Portillo for the day will enjoy incredible views, world-class skiing and delicious cuisine in the heart of the Andes Mountains. Perfect for Santiago Chile skiing.

    A day of skiing at Portillo, near Santiago

    Uncrowded slopes with soft snow in a breathtaking high-alpine terrain await those who visit for the day. A broad selection of rental equipment, a renowned ski school and a variety of dining options make a day-getaway easy. With slopes open until 5pm everyday, there is plenty of time for visitors to enjoy a full day of skiing and so much more.

    Getting here

    • Santiago, Chile
      Start your journey from Santiago, Chile

    • Coming from the Vespucio Norte highway, you have to enter Route 57, Los Libertadores Highway, taking exit 7B towards Los Andes / Colina.

    • On this route, which crosses the province of Chacabuco, you will find on the right with the Monument to the Victory of Chacabuco and then the Chacabuco Tunnel, which connects the Metropolitan Region with that of Valparaíso.

    • Crossing through the tunnel, continue on Route 57 Los Libertadores towards Paso Los Libertadores.

    • A little further on from when you reach Puerto Terrestre Los Andes, you have to take the ramp towards Paso Los Libertadores turning right, where Route 57 becomes Route 60, Camino Internacional.

    • This route runs practically parallel to the Aconcagua River and then to the Juncal River.

    • Further on you will come to Los Caracoles, a sector of Route 60 that owes its name to the 29 curves you will pass.

    • Continuing along Route 60, a little further on to the left is the entrance to the Hotel Portillo.
    • Mendoza, Capital, Mendoza, Argentina

    • When leaving Mendoza, you need to use the South Access through Route RN40 in the direction of Uspallata / Las Cuevas

    • Continue south for about 22 km where you must use the right lane. On the right you will see Industrias Metallurgicas and then Marbar, where you must take the access road to the RN7 towards Uspallata / Las Cuevas / Santiago de Chile.

    • Keep on the RN7 for approximately 90 km to reach Uspallata.

    • To continue along the same route you have to turn left.

    • When you continue along the RN7 towards Las Cuevas, on your right you will find the Puente del Inca natural monument, followed by the Aconcagua Provincial Park, where you will find Aconcauga, the highest peak of the Andes Mountains at 6,962 meters above sea level. There is a great view of Aconcagua from Hotel Portillo.

    • Arriving at Las Cuevas, you will come to the Cristo Redentor de los Andes tunnel and then the Cristo Redentor international pass.

    • In Chile, the route is renamed Route 60. A few kilometers later, on the right is the entrance to the Hotel Ski Portillo.

    Lift Tickets

    Lift tickets can only be purchased at the resort. Guests can choose from a variety of options including full day, half day lift ticket or a lift ticket with lunch included at the hotel cafeteria. For those looking to visit repeatedly during the winter, there is also a season pass option available.
    Ticket Temporada Alta Temporada Baja
    Día Adulto (18 a 64 años) $59.000 $44.000
    Día Menor (5 a 11 años) $40.000 $31.000
    Día Senior (65+ años) $23.000 $20.000
    Día Niño (hasta -5 años) $12.000 $11.500
    Día Joven (12 a 17 años) $42.000 $34.500
    Día Estudiante (18 a 24) $46.000 $38.000
    Temporada Alta: Sábado, Domingo, Festivos y periodo entre Julio 3 y Agosto 18 (inclusive).
    Temporada Baja: Días hábiles y fuera de temporada alta.
    Temporada Baja Temporada Alta Temporada Baja
    Adulto Día (18 a 64 años)+ Menú $73.000 $58.000
    Menor Día (5 a 11 años)+ Menú $53.000 $45.000
    Joven Día (12 a 17 años) + Menú $56.000 $47.500
    Senior Día (65+ años)+ Menú $36.000 $34.500
    Estudiantes - -
    *Los tickets DIA MENU incluyen un almuerzo en el restaurante Autoservicio consistente en sopa o ensalada, plato de fondo, postre y 1 bebida.
    Ticket Temporada Valor
    Temporada Adulto $910.000
    Temporada Menor $542.000
    Temporada senior $271.000
    Temporada Niño (hasta 5 años) $182.000

    Equipment Rental

    Those visiting Portillo for the day, without their own equipment, can rent from the extensive selection available at the Portillo Rental Shop. A wide variety of ski and snowboard equipment from the top manufacturers is available for rent in a range of sizes and performance levels.  Due to hygiene issues, Ski Portillo does not rent ski clothes. Guests visiting for the day must count with their own apparel, goggles and gloves. Any necessary items and clothing can also be purchased at the Portillo Ski Shop.

    Where to Eat?

    Ya sea dentro del hotel o en la montaña, en Ski Portillo podrás encontrar varias alternativas para comer y aprovechar al máximo tu día con nosotros.

    Useful Tips

    Those visiting for the day should be prepared for different types of weather as it can change dramatically throughout the day. Visitors should bring clothing for cold weather and possible snow as well as eyewear that can adapt to sunshine or snow.

    If you forget anything, the Portillo Ski Shop is equipped with anything you might need including apparel, eyewear and gloves. For equipment, the Portillo Rental Shop has a wide variety of boots, skis and snowboards equipment for rent. 

    Day visitors can find bathrooms in several areas of the resort including the hotel lobby, the Ski Box, Tio Bob’s and by the Conejo ski run. 

    A large parking lot right outside the hotel is available free of charge to those visiting Portillo for the day.

    Stay a little Longer

    Why not stay a little longer?
    With a Mini Week you can explore more of the mountain and enjoy a range of activities.
    A Ski Week at Portillo
    The best of Portillo in 7 fun-filled days.
    A family ski vacation
    Enjoy a family holiday in the snow, with fun for adults and children.
    Amazing views and culinary delights
    Enjoy delicious dining options accompanied with Chilean wines with a variety of dining options
    Ski slopes for all ages and ski levels
    The Ski Portillo resort has a variety of terrain which makes a great playground for all ages and skiing abilities
    Kids free at Ski Portillo
    Ski Portillo is great for all the family and with this promotion you can bring one kid free. Check out applicable dates here.
    Amazing views and aprés ski
    The pool and hot tub have received recognition and prizes.
    Welcome cocktails
    The welcome cocktail is a great way to start your ski vacation, but is just one of the many fun activities on offer to you during your stay at Portillo.