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  • The Portillo Experience

    A legendary Portillo skiing vacation

    A memorable experience skiing in Chile awaits you at the finest ski resort in South America. Portillo is a unique destination nestled in the Andes mountains by a crystal blue lake which offers a very special all-inclusive ski vacation.

    The Portillo skiing experience

    Portillo is located in a unique high-alpine setting with unparalleled views and terrain. Surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the Andes and on the banks of the beautiful Lake of the Inca, Ski Portillo arguably offers the best ski terrain in South America. Guests from around the world travel to Portillo year after year in search of this experience. Life within the hotel only adds to the magic of the surrounding landscape. With international guests all under one roof, the intimate environment in the resort is one that creates lasting memories, friendships and even love! Known to be a melting pot for adventurers and like- minded individuals sharing a friendly and inclusive environment, Hotel Portillo offers an experience like no other.


    All the magic of the Andes mountains is to be found at the Portillo ski resort in Chile, South America. We invite you to enjoy this experience first-hand. Watch the video - then come visit us!
    Magical Moments skiing in Chile at Portillo

    What does a day in Portillo look like?

    A day skiing in Chile at Portillo is a special experience from the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep. Kids and adults will love all the activities at the resort, making your stay with us part of an unforgettable skiing vacation.
    Activities for all
    Experience the legend of Portillo

    2024 season dates: June 22 - September 28