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  • Lake of the Inca at Portillo

    Beauty, magic and Inca Mythology

    Immersed between the rugged mountains of the Andes, lies the Lake of the Inca, locally known as “Laguna del Inca”. The lake, which changes in colors from stunning emerald green to deep blue, can be viewed throughout the Portillo ski resort. It is often described as “the Jewel of the Andes”. You can find good views of the Lake from Tio Bobs, many of the runs, as well as the living and dining room. There are also great views from balcony and the Lake View rooms. If your looking for a change from skiing, you can rent snow-shoes from the Ski rental shop and take a guided walk around the lake. In summer, the Lake attracts those wanting to leave the city behind and enjoy a few days stay at Portillo’s Chalets.

    Inca Mythology: the Legend of the Lake

    Incan Legend tells that the Inca Illi Yupanqui was in love with princess Kora-llé, the most beautiful woman in the empire. To celebrate their love, they got married high in the Andes at the peaks above a gorgeous lake. While performing the ceremony, the princess fell from a cliff to her death. The prince was full of sadness and anguish. He decided the only burial worthy of his beloved was to lay Kora-llé‘s body to rest in the depths of the lake. They wrapped her body in white linens. As it descended, the water magically turned an emerald blue color, the same color of her eyes. According to Inca mythology, it is said that from that day on, the Lake of the Inca is enchanted. Some say at nights we can hear the soul of Illi Yupanqui crying for his beloved.

    Lake of the Inca inspires photographers from around the world