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  • World cup skiing at Ski Portillo Ski in the Andes

    World cup skiing at Ski Portillo

    Ski Portillo, the first and only resort in South America to host the world cup skiing championship, welcomes Olympic ski teams who come to Chile for summer training

    Ski Racing is part of Portillo

    Having hosted the World Cup Skiing Championships in 1966, ski racing is part of the history and soul of Portillo. For years World Cup ski racing teams from the USA, Canada, Austria, Norway and others visit Portillo for race training during their Summer season.

    World Cup skiing Championship at Ski Portillo

    A historic event in ski history and in Portillo’s history, the 1966 World Ski Championships were the first and only ever to be held in South America. This elevated Chile as an international ski destination and led ski racers from around the world to visit Portillo for training during their Summer.

    World cup hall of fame

    Ski Racing

    Ski Racing for guests at Ski Portillo

    Portillo’s ski racing heritage makes it the perfect place for those interested in ski racing to work on their own time in the course. Whether with private coaching for adults seeking a faster time on the course or young racers travelling with their families, Portillo has a team of talented and experienced race coaches that can help.

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